things i love about my husband {20} Creole

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

We speak another language, my husband and I.

We learned it together, sitting at our kitchen table in Haiti with sweat dripping down our backs.

We followed scribbled letters on a broken piece of blackboard and wrote notes in 19 cent notebooks from Walmart, purchased the fall before our move.

I learned the written words long before my husband did. I sat with him as he struggled and fought through the book learning that he hates so much. I watched him determinedly choose to die-to-self day after day after day, and do the thing he disliked simply because it was what God called us to.


And I smiled in awe as he mastered the spoken language long before his book-learned wife could even begin to communicate with the Haitians. He’s a lot smarter than me, this man of mine. While I could open the Creole Bible and read to myself, he could sit down with a Creole-speaking person and tell them about the love of Jesus.

I love that about him. 

And I love that now, years later, we can speak to each other in another language. I love that we mix Creole and English and that mwen remen ou means the same as I love you to both of us.

And I love that every time I hear my husband speak to me in Creole, I can picture that long kitchen table and feel the sweat on my back, and I know that he pictures and feels the same thing.

It’s shared history. And it’s priceless.


The Challenge:

Do you speak another language with your husband? It might not be a “technical” language, but perhaps you have certain phrases, certain inside jokes, certain memories that are all your own?

Have you taken time to acknowledge and love the shared history between you?



7 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {20} Creole

  1. Hebrew! Yes! We can’t carry on a full conversation in it, but someone that doesn’t know it would be pretty confused by our “infused” conversations! We forget how much we use on a daily basis until we’re out in public. Then we’re constantly correcting ourselves into English and translating for whoever we’re talking to.
    This is so sweet, Natasha! I especially love that last picture of you two. It’s obvious that you’re both pretty proud of each other. 😉


  2. We both know a little bit of American Sign Language. I learned some in high school, and we took a class together in college. We can flirt with each other that way and no one else can tell what we’re saying. 😉 And we have little phrases that mean a lot to the two of us… like “Till heaven and then forever,” or THaTF. 🙂


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