things i love about my husband {21} notes

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse



It’s very rare. Maybe once a year. But it still happens on occasion. And I just love it. 

The Challenge:

Has your husband ever left you a love note? Or did he write you love letters when you were dating? (I’m only slightly jealous if he did! 🙂 ) Maybe he sends you emails or brings you roses “just because”. Take time to thank him today for whatever way he shows you (or has shown you in the past) that he cares.


6 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {21} notes

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet! Tell Amos that we love him too! This is the thing that I have loved about your posts—that we’ve learned to know Amos better through them! Love you, Tash! Aunt Judi PS I’ve written so many replies to your blog that never went through and I could never figure out why. Sometimes I “wasted” an hour typing something and it just got lost. I have been so frustrated! But I decided to put in my school e-mail address instead, and it has worked, so now I can respond! I’m so glad.


  2. The scrabble idea is awesome! 🙂 My man usually uses sticky notes and a few years ago he compiled all of our dating emails into a book for me. Sometimes, it is the little things like these that are so special. ~ Blessings girl, Amy


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