things i love about my husband {22-25} sacrifice

Things have been a little crazy around here. We fought off sickness and have worked long hours and now I am finally sitting down to get everything back on schedule blog-wise. Whew. 

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

We’re married, you know. We share responsibilities and money and vehicles and a house and a bed. Most of the time things are pretty 50-50.

He has “his” vehicle and I have mine. He has “his” side of the bed, I have mine. He has “his” spending money, I have mine. But as with any relationship, sometimes 50-50 doesn’t work. At times someone has to give more and take less.

So when my truck breaks down, he tosses me the keys to his and puts the old beater on the road. The one you have to crawl under the hood to start.

When I’m burning up with fever and don’t want anything touching me– he curls up tight against the wall to sleep. Leaving me with 2/3rds of the bed. 

When money is tight, he willingly hands me his last $20 so I can buy yogurt. Even though he doesn’t even like it. 

He sacrifices to care for me.

I love that about him and I love that it doesn’t stop there.

He sacrifices for friends and neighbors too. And his sacrifice inspires me to sacrifice as well.

So when the neighbors need help and he’s spending 4-6 hours a day at their place, I step over the 50-50 line. I give up the better vehicle, reheat supper because he didn’t make it home on time, spend extra time washing nasty barn clothes to make sure he has his favorite pair of work jeans ready for the next milking and now and then I pull on an old skirt and pink barn boots and head over to feed calves.

I love that I married a man who willingly sacrifices for me and inspires me to sacrifice as well.

The Challenge:

In what way does your husband sacrifice for you or others?



5 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {22-25} sacrifice

  1. Beautiful…love always is.
    My husband sacrifices when he gets up earlier to clear the driveway of snow, because he knows I’m planning to use the car that day.
    And when he stays up an extra 2 hours to work on my website.
    Or changes the dirty diaper right before going to work.


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