things i love about my husband {26} possessions

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

My husband drives a big F350 diesel. It kind of rumbles and I have to take a pretty good jump to make it into the seat. Oh, it’s not one of those “made-up” trucks that have extra big tires on it or anything– it’s just the truck he needs for work. It carries tools and tractor parts in the back and behind the seat there are a lot of Mountain Dew cans.

I love that he drives a big truck. 🙂 I love that he uses his vehicle to earn a living and doesn’t just have a pretty one for looks. It kind of tells you what type of guy he is.

The Challenge:

What someone owns can often tell you a little bit about them. I’ve always loved that my oldest brother wears scuffed up cowboy boots and another brother has a handmade wooden drum that he plays during worship at his church. I love that you can catch a glimpse of who they are just by knowing those details.

Is there something your husband owns that makes you smile?



2 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {26} possessions

  1. This makes me think of my husband’s truck. He’s had it since before we got married. It’s (dirty) white, and has a green hood. The reason it has a green hood, is because almost a year after we got married, we were involved in a multi-car pile up. The front of his truck got crunched. Him and I driving in it got pretty shook up. (I was about seven months pregnant, so that was really scary.) Thankfully, we were traveling in a caravan of friends, so a friend drove me to church and sat with me there while my husband talked to the policemen and all that.
    A couple hours later, my husband was finally able to join us at the church. He took one look at big, pregnant me, sitting in a chair, holding an icepack against my head, then he breathed, “Oh Jessi! I didn’t know you were hurt!”
    I assured him that I was okay. That our baby was okay. We had just gotten rattled around a little.
    Then my sweet, tough man immediately dropped down to his knees and started crying into my lap. He was thanking God for taking care of us.
    So… when I look at that green hood on the cover of my hubby’s rebuilt truck… that’s what I can think of. I have a sweet, humble man. One that’s not afraid to give thanks in every situation, with tears.


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