things i love about my husband {27} calm

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

My hands were shaking a little bit and my foot wouldn’t stop tapping. It wasn’t a phone call that I wanted to make and I literally felt my stomach rolling. I knew what the answer would be but everything in me longed for something different than reality.

I dialed the number and cried my way through the conversation.

He stood behind me rubbing my shoulders the whole time. When I hung up he calmly and gently led me through my grief. Never once did he flinch at my emotional messiness. Never once did he get frustrated or angry when it took me weeks to come to grips with the truth.

He has been my calm in the middle of the storm of infertility and I love him for it. 

When life strains my energy and my hope and my joy– he carefully, gently holds my hand and provides a place of safety.

The Challenge:

Are there times that life rocks your boat a bit? How does your husband help you cope?



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4 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {27} calm

  1. Hi good morning Natasha, I love your blog. I recently joined well about 2 months now. I want to say two things tho. I believe that the Lord Jesus can still make you fertile. I honestly do. I do not know what His will is for you and your husband in terms of babies but He is still the God of the impossible. The next thing is that I wanted to find out how your neighbour was doing. I really hope he wakes up.

    Take care Natasha. I pray God blesses you and your husband always

    Love, Mandie


    • Hi, Mandie!! Thanks so much for joining in the conversation. 🙂

      And thank you for this beautiful word of encouragement. I too, believe and hope and pray that the day will come when I can bear a child- God does do miraculous things! And I cling tight to that hope.

      My neighbor, sadly, passed away last week. Do, please, continue to pray for his family.

      Again, thanks for chiming in!


  2. Worry, anxiety, and stress are things I’ve struggled against most of my life. I especially have fears about getting sick (you know, throwing up) and that fear can really get in the way of life sometimes. It’s only since knowing my husband that I’ve been able to cope better with those fears, because something about his quiet presence calms and relaxes me so I’m able to think clearly and logically. I think being married and sharing a bed with my best friend and the love of my life are two of the best things I’ve done for my emotional and spiritual health! That, and being in the Word and in prayer with my hubby regularly. When we go before God together it’s so good for both of our spirits.


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