a gift for you

So, guys, I don’t know what’s been happening in your life, but mine has been crazy. God is mixing us all up and around and backwards and it’s really good but also quite disconcerting.

There is a verse that says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (Pr. 19:21) I’m holding tight to that promise. I know He has good things in store for us, beautiful redemptive things.

Preparing to speak on the subject of my book for the first time brought up a lot of thoughts, a lot of memories. It stirred up the reality of what my journey really was: a wandering through the desert, dying of thirst. I was empty of the ability to heal myself, but God…

I’ve been seeing those two words around quite a lot lately and they catch me right tight.
But God, in His graciousness.
But God, in His mercy.
But God, in His justice.
But God, in His overwhelming, unrelenting, glorious love. 

…but God poured truth into my darkness.

I am ever so humbled and ever so thankful.

I created a little ebook just for you. It isn’t long. Perhaps not even profound, but it is me… with all the honesty and rawness I can muster, laced right through with the glory of a God who meets us right smack dab in the middle of our sorrows.

Based off the talk that I shared at the Spring Banquet, it is a manifesto of how God healed my deaf ears and brought sight to my blind eyes.

It is true that I was lost in a desert but there was more going on than just that.  

free ebook @natashametzler

The cover art is by Brianna Siegrist (didn’t she do a marvelous job?).

I’d love to send a free ecopy to each and every one of you.

All you have to do to receive it is sign up for my newsletter {in the sidebar or by clicking here} and the next edition will contain a download link.

 Thank you, dear readers. I pray you will be blessed. 

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9 thoughts on “a gift for you

    • Yes, ma’am! 🙂
      Thanks. I went back and forth with ideas and when she sent me this sketch I was ever so pleased.


  1. Dear Natasha,
    Despite having signed up for your newsletter a while back I wonder if I did so in correctly as I have yet to receive any of your newsletters. I would hate to miss out on them.
    Many thanks,


    • Anna–
      this one will be sent out on the 15th. Watch your spam folder, depending on your filter it may send it there.
      If you don’t see anything after the 15th let me know and I’ll try to check into it.


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