Smile Lost: a story-poem

Smile Lost: a story-poem


He snuggles close on my lap,
dear boy with tears dripping,
heart as broken as the toy that fell apart.

“Can you smile?” I ask, brushing droplets away.

An emphatic shake of the head.
No. No smiles.

So I wink and draw in a shocked breath,
“You lost your smile?” I clutch him tight,
“What shall we do? WhatΒ shallΒ we do?
No smile? Oh, dear.”

And at the strange expressions and exaggerated tone,
what once was lost is found.


Smile Lost: a story-poem


10 thoughts on “Smile Lost: a story-poem

    • Oh, my, yes. He is a precious gift to me.
      I started watching him and his big brother almost 2 years ago now and it has been a wonderful balm for my mother-heart. πŸ™‚


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