Infertility Awareness Week

I love stories. The way they create understanding and open our eyes to new truths. I love the way testimonies paint pictures of God into the angry hard swirls of a fallen world.

This week I will be sharing with you a series of stories. 

Some will be from me and others will be from friends. Women of faith and valor who have been willing to stand up and speak.

Enjoy the week, dear friends. Pass on the stories if you get a chance. And do take a moment to share your story in the comments.

Infertility Awareness Week on

Infertility Changed Me {a guest post by Jessica White from}

A Child of My Own {a guest post by Beth Zimmerman from}

In the Midst {a guest post by Lauren from}

Journey Through Barren Land {a guest post by Rhonda Freed}

Grains of Sand: faith and infertility {a glimpse into my own journey}

I pray that you will be encouraged this week. ~Natasha


4 thoughts on “Infertility Awareness Week

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  2. I came over here from Royal Daughter. I’ve been walking this same road, too. Each month I keep hoping this could be the month for a miracle; it’s tough. After I saw your story in the post there, I had to come comment because I could just relate so much. That feeling of failure was one I dealt with for the longest time, and that realization that I don’t hold the control over my fertility was such a turning point for me. Blessings to you!


    • Thank you, Amy! It is a hard road, isn’t it? How thankful I am for a God who walks every single step beside me.
      Thanks for visiting! {hugs}


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