Infertility Awareness (NIAW) Best-of-the-Web

Infertility Awareness Week

This week has been busy here on the blog and if you didn’t get a chance to read the guest posts that I was privileged to share, do take a moment to click on the above graphic and read the series. There is so much truth and life in the testimonies of these women.

But we weren’t the only ones posting this week! I’ve been collecting my favorite links and have them filed here for you, with a little description. I know you will be blessed by these.

“Lies Women Believe About Infertility” at

This is a collaborative post by several bloggers (me, included) about lies that God has revealed in our journey through infertility. If I don’t miss my guess, some of these can be easily applied to any situation you are currently struggling with.

“on infertility” at 

Kristina has 4 children so it may seem that there is little she can share with those who struggle with infertility, but if you believe that, you’re wrong. Sharing with complete honesty about her own walk through heart-searing pain and fear, her thoughts on hope ring brilliant.

“Battle Wounds” on

For those who have struggled with feeling less-than when stretch marks come without a baby. Your body may have not given birth, but it is still beautiful.

“Our Journey Through Infertility” at

Aurie Good tells her story of facing infertility. So, so good.

“Infertility Resources” at 

a great list of valuable resources for those struggling with infertility. Many of these resources are also beneficial for those of you who are walking along side someone who is currently battling difficulties getting pregnant.


And last (but certainly not least) is sponsoring a delightful giveaway. Look at all these goodies you can win!


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