when summer comes







summerwhen summer comes, i tend to wander outdoors and take pictures of lovies rather than write. so, here’s to gardening and old tractors that double as jungle gyms.  here’s to dandelion crowns and popsicles on the front lawn. here’s to family and children and sunburns and happy moments of laughter.



11 thoughts on “when summer comes

    • As a child I would make yards and yards of them… literally. I told the kids that we’re going to make a huge chain sometime and take pictures. 🙂 I just love dandelions. They make me happy.


    • nieces and “my boys” (the kids I watch that I claim. 😉 ) there were some nephews there too but they eluded the camera.


  1. We will write, a little, because we can’t help it after we play in the grace of summer. But I’m with you- I shall not be a slave to the blog or the book in the summer! Here’s to living with hands open to daily grace!


  2. I had to smile at the dandilion crown… So many memories of things to do with dandilions. We don’t have any here in our yard in Florida. But we have a little yellow cup flower that blooms every evening. Enjoy summer. We will be in Lowville for the month of July, hope to see you then. Gail


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