pickles and shoes

I thought I would share with you this entry from my personal journal one year ago today. This is a sure sign that the little guy is growing up too fast because my immediate response was to think, “aahhhh, that was when he was just a baby!” I think it was also the week he earned the nickname “Pickle”.

Without further do:

I walked into the barn. He looked at me. I looked at him. I burst out laughing.

There, on the floor, stood a little pickle with one shoe missing. Right in the middle of a puddle of water.

That’s what we get for taking pickles to the barn.

He smiled so sweetly though, with that sopping wet sock and that wrinkled nose grin. So I swept him up in my arms and deposited him into the playpen, wet sock and all.

Then we played a fun game called, “Find the missing shoe”.


my giant “pickle” holding a chicken
(because who wants to just look at a chicken when you could hold one?!)

What nicknames did you have growing up?


6 thoughts on “pickles and shoes

  1. Osica, my brother couldn’t pronounce Jessica for a while. Then Matt jumped on board calling me Os for a long time.

    I never really had a nickname…I had a series of made-up names via my dad {Jessica Margaret MacAlany Millpro}. Yea.


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