of faith and fear

No Fear in Love.

” the people of Israel are oppressed, and the people of Judah as well. All their captors hold them fast, refusing to let them go. Yet their Redeemer is strong; the Lord Almighty is His name. He will vigorously defend their cause, so that he may bring them rest to their land.”  Jer 50:33-34

When God moves nothing can stop Him.
When God speaks His will is done.

How easily and quickly I forget! I look at life and think I need to take control of this situation or I need to do something to save everyone (call it a personality quirk). But while action and using wisdom are good things: utilizing them without resting in the knowledge of God’s power in all circumstances is not faith at all. It’s fear. 

Fear is such a powerful thing. Over and over I find myself completely controlled by it. But God did not give me a spirit of fear. He gave me a spirit of power, of love and of self-control.

Power. The God-power that enables me to do impossible things.
Love. The God-love that enables me to love the dirty and difficult and broken. 
Self-Control. The only control I really have: of myself. Not my situation. Not those around me. Self.

Fear is the opposite of love. It is the opposite of power. It is the opposite of self-control. When I’m living in fear, I am not living in faith.

of fear and faith @natashametzler

Fear magnifies itself in so many ways. It shows up through debilitating anxiety disorders,  it stalks us in the aftermath of pain. It attacks in the midst of trying to live for Christ.

I was faced with a situation the other day that left my skin crawling in fear. I was walking in the truth and love that I felt God was calling me to, but the reaction from those I was loving was rough and accusatory and threatening. My immediate response to such things is retreat. If retreat is impossible, I revert to controlled anger and careful reason.

Reason never works in unreasonable situations.

And anger is only usable when the control of it is given to God.

I would have failed. I would have lashed out and given in to the spirit of fear. I would have forgotten love and power and self-control in my wild attempts to protect myself. But God moved. 

He used my husband and a car (yes, a car!) to change the whole situation around. To stamp down the spirit of fear that was reigning in my heart and the heart of the person I was dealing with.

I was shivering in the cold damp rain and praying desperately in my heart, “How do I fight this fear, God?”

(It’s all fine and dandy to want faith, but how do we stop the fear?)

The answer was whispered into the wind that swirled around me and rustled the leaves at my feet. Truth. 

Truth defeats fear. Every. single. time.

The truth that I don’t need to control my situation. God is in control.
The truth that God can change the hearts of kings. And neighbors. And friends. And the guy standing in front of me.

The truth that I have access to the greatest power on earth: the Spirit of God.
The truth that I have access to the greatest love on earth: the love of God.
The truth that I can surrender and soften and open myself up to hurt and heartache and not fear it.

Because He is. And He walks beside me and fills me with His truth.

Of Faith and Fear
Nothing touches me that He does not allow.
And His grace goes deeper and fills to overflowing and lavishes me with His presence.

Do you struggle with living in fear? How have you learned to overcome? 


6 thoughts on “of faith and fear

  1. I needed this message. I’m so frustrated right now by a certain situation in my life and this morning I was thinking that it will never change and maybe it’s time to quit trying, quit allowing my heart to be broken over and over, admit defeat and walk away. That is fear talking ….not love, not faith, not even truth. Thank you for the reminder!


  2. I have operated for far too long from the place of fear but ever so slowly I’m pushing through it only to discover that even in the worst of my situations , the fear is not an accurate picture of what’s really taking place. I honestly don’t believe that fear is always a lack of faith…for me it’s the recognition that as I move forward through the fear, faith is what’s called for and what God provides. He’s never been wrong of course! Bless ya!


  3. Fear and worry have always been such huge struggles of mine. I like to have everything planned out, and only recently have I broken down and surrendered my plans to Christ. Thank you so much for this timely reminder! 🙂


  4. Why is it that your words always speak so readily to me?!

    I’m struggling with this not living in fear, not flying into anger…the knowing that God can change hearts, even the old man across the streets.


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