Want to win a CD? // it’s a giveaway!

It was over ten years ago now that I first heard them. Just a few little kids who could play guitar, banjo, mandolin, the fiddle, and acoustic bass. And when I say “play”, I really do mean play. Their fingers would fly so quickly on those strings, all you had to do was blink and they’d be on to some other note.

As a self-taught guitar and piano player with only passable skills, I was in awe.

Every few years the Lindsey Family would be back, visiting our area and filling churches with toe-tapping music. We got to know them, got to watch their kids grow, got to enjoy their talent.

This past year when they came, they shared more than just music. It was this year that they walked through the tragedy of burying a stillborn daughter, Amy. They shared their testimony and I felt the impact to my toes.

After the concert, we talked and this mother who was still wandering through the pain of losing a child hugged me tight and thanked me for writing Pain Redeemed. I was struck how God used our stories of loss to create a closeness, a community within the Body of Christ. Before we left she had pressed into my hands a copy of their latest CD.

Oh, friends. That CD has blessed me. Every single song has touched me as we’ve navigated this new path of loss. 

And since the blog has just topped 1,000 followers {oh, how crazily wonderful! It seems just yesterday that I called a friend, all excited that TWENTY followers had somehow materialized. Thank you, dear ones, for making this little corner of the internet such a delightful place to be.} it seemed entirely appropriate to host a little giveaway! So I went right out and bought a second copy of this CD.

There is one copy of What I Have by the The Lindsey Family to give away to a blog reader. 

There are 3 ways to enter the giveaway:

1) leave a blog post comment {yup, it’s that easy! 🙂 }
2) those who have “liked” my facebook page are eligible for a second entry. {If you haven’t yet, just click here. } make sure you mention in your comment that you are a facebook follower.
3) sign up for my newsletter {and get a free copy of my mini e-book, Dying of Thirst at the Side of a Well} if you haven’t yet  just click here and please make sure to mention in your comment that you signed up for the newsletter. 

The giveaway is open from today {August 15, 2013} until next Thursday, {August 22, 2013}. A random name will be drawn and the winner will receive an email. If the winner fails to respond to the email in 24 hours, a replacement winner will be chosen.

Thank you, delightful friends, for sharing in this journey with me. xxooxx

Lindsey Family CD GIveaway


20 thoughts on “Want to win a CD? // it’s a giveaway!

  1. I’m signed up for your newsletter. (3)
    Now that I think about it I’ve received the ebook, but no other mailings.
    Is it infrequent?


  2. Blog Comment (1)

    This blog shows the beauty of Christ.
    Your words are beautiful.
    Congrats on 1,000 followers.
    And thanks for having giveaways. I won your book on another blog and was able to pass it on to a friend.


  3. My family enjoys Lindsay Family music very much! I’m posting to join the entry for this cd. Thanks for sharing, Natasha.


  4. Congrats on the 1000 followers!

    I grew up in a family bluegrass band and just couldn’t resist entering the giveaway. 😀

    I have also liked your Facebook page and am subscribed to your newsletter.


  5. Yay! 1000 followers! Thrilled that so many people are able to be blessed by your insight to life 🙂 Enter me in the contest please!


  6. This sounds like a CD I would love – thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!
    I like your facebook page and I’m signed up to receive your newsletter.


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