The Thing About Dairy Farmers

When you live on a farm you hear all kinds of interesting things, especially from children. Take for example the day that my sister-in-law was working along and her youngest daughter said with a sigh, “I question my love for the cat every time I see her chewing on a chicken head.”

Just think about the honest truthfulness of that statement. I’m pretty sure I’d question my love for ANYTHING I found chewing on a chicken head. But maybe that’s just me.

I love all the little comments that come tumbling out of children’s mouths almost as much as I love the stories that my parents and grandparents pass down.

One day I was sitting with my grandmother and she started talking about growing up on the farm. She told me all about her favorite cow, a blue-spotted one, that she would milk by hand.

“That’s so neat,” I said. “There really is something about milking by hand, the barn is so quiet and peaceful.”

She nodded absentmindedly.

“So,” I continued, “at what point did you get milking machines?”

She was quiet for a minute then said, “Actually, we had them for a lot of my childhood. My father and the hired hand used them.”

“But you didn’t?” I questioned.

Her eyes sparkled a little bit. “Guess not. And I never thought much about it. I just happily milked my cow.”

We laughed and she went on to explain that they used a generator to power the milking machines and the electric lights in the house. Just hearing all the stories made my fingers itch to start writing.

The Thing About Dairy Farmers #humor #farmingWhich is pretty much where my latest book came from. It started as an essay and slowly evolved into a book of stories and memories and farm humor.

And the good news? It’s now available for purchase!! Yes, indeed.

To buy a paperback copy,  ($11.95) you can click right here. 

To grab a PDF ($6.95, readable on any computer), you can purchase through this button: Buy Now

To find out more about the book and/or share your own farming stories,
jump over to the book page here.


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