The invisible qualities of God are clearly seen through His creation

Last evening our daughter came running into the house. “Mom, Dad! Come look!” We went outside to find thousands (it must have been!) of birds lining the electric wires for as far as we could see.

I watched my daughter’s face in between snapping pictures. There is something incredible about the way birds migrate, in the way they travel in huge flocks across miles and miles. Her eyes sparkled as she finished her chores, glancing over her shoulder to laugh at the chattering birds.

Birds on a Wire

Later we went for a walk through the back field. The sun was glittering off the edges of the grass, glowing the mustard into stalks of gold, shimmering through branches and swirling patterns into the edges of the sky.

glitter on grass

golden stalks of mustard

golden flower rings

sun through treetops

We talked and gathered apples and she filled her arms with wildflowers.

gathering wildflowers

eating apples

wildflower bouquet

The moon came out and reflected the sun’s dying rays. The sky turned into water colored beauty. “Oh, I wish I had my paints!” the girly squealed as we watched the colors deepen.

moon in a painted sky

The clipping of horse hooves echoed across the field and we looked up to see an Amish couple out for a Sunday evening drive. “They must be courtin’,” my husband says, “because this is the long way home from church.”

Amish out courting

As evening shadows came, the moon seemed to fill the sky. We could see the craters and crevasses clearly. I felt a tug on my arm, “Oh, look, Mommy, it’s the man in the moon!”

moon in the night sky

Isn’t it funny, how we search so hard for God at times? “Where are You?” we scream at the heavens.

And here He is. All around. In all the little pieces that make up earth and life and breath. For the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

How have you seen God lately?


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