Every Day with God: Introducing Word-Snacks

I have a confession.

All the time I am telling people that the best thing they can do is spent time in the Word. Facing infertility? Read about God. Struggling with depression? Read about God. Afraid of the future? Read about God.

It’s my go-to answer because it is the single most important thing that I did to pull myself out of despair and back into the land-of-the-living as I walked through my deepest pain. In reading about God, I learned to know God, and consequently found God for real (not just the image I had created in my head of Him).

But I have to confess, even with all that I know, I still struggle to spend time daily in the Word. I fall for distractions and am hindered by the immediate and fail to keep my eyes on the Truth that lasts far beyond today.

In our family, we’ve gone through some pretty incredible changes over the past year. We’ve brought a beautiful daughter into our home, moved to a new home, traveled, worked, made plans… and I am caught in the knowledge that if I’m not careful, all the lessons I’ve learned in the past about spending time with my Savior each day, will morph into simple “should-haves” instead of “done”.

There is a group of bloggers online who take a 31 day challenge each October. I’ve never joined in, but I understand the rules are simple: post once a day for 31 days on any subject of your choice.

I’ve decided to take the challenge. Starting on October 1st, I will be posting 31 days with short “bite-sized” devotions– taken directly from my morning devotions each day.

They probably won’t be well-written. Nor will they be profound. But they will be real.

And I want you to join me.

Not to blog for 31 days (though you’re welcome to do that!) but to take a minute every day to share your own devotional journey. You can leave a comment with what you did that day, just a reference to what you read or sharing more about whatever spoke to you. I’d LOVE to have company as I go through the month!

Note to email readers: If you get my posts in your inbox, commenting is super simple and easy! Just hit “reply”, type in your response, and it will post automatically to the comment section! I’d love to hear from you all.

If you want to receive the posts right in your email, you can sign up in the sidebar! Or, you’re welcome to follow and converse via Facebook or Twitter.

Click on the button to find the landing page for October’s posts! 


9 thoughts on “Every Day with God: Introducing Word-Snacks

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