Grace Promise

Word-Snacks: bite-sized devotionals for your hungry momentsLast night my daughter called me up to her bedroom. “I neeed you, Mommy,” she whispered from the hallway. Of course I went.

Turns out she was nearly hyperventilating with worry. When my husband came home from work last evening, he was well on his way into a rough case of the flu bug. Our dear little drama-queen had her daddy all but dead and in the grave. “It was just the way he spoke, Mommy,” she cried into my shirt, “I think it might have been his last words.”

We had a little chat about how the flu doesn’t usually kill people and how being tired doesn’t mean you’re dying. Finally she settled down and I tucked her into bed. Just as I step toward the doorway she says, “Will you come get me if he does start to die?”

By now I was a little exasperated. “He’s not going to die,” I told her.

“But,” she narrowed her eyes a bit and said very firmly, “you can’t know that. No one knows when we’re going to die except God. And we’re all gonna go sometimes.”

Thank you, my eight-year-old philosopher.

But in truth, she has a point. We’re all going to go sometimes.

I was thinking about this when I opened up to Jeremiah 32. There are so many things in this chapter that make me close my eyes and breathe in. It’s that good. But I especially love the end. The place where God says in verses 36-41, “I will gather them… I will give them one heart and one way… I will make with them an everlasting covenant… I will rejoice in them… I will plant them in faithfulness… with all my heart and all my soul.” 

We’re all on the path to death. Drenched in sin, unable to save ourselves… but God. 

God is faithful to make a way where there is no way. We don’t have to fear things in this life, or even death itself.

Yup, we’re all going to go sometimes, but when that time comes– there is an everlasting covenant that I am clinging to. The covenant of grace. Thank you, Jesus. 

Word-Snack: Jeremiah 32

What did you read today? What has God reminded you of, or revealed to you?


7 thoughts on “Grace Promise

  1. Thankyou that is really encouraging! Today God has reminded me to want Him above anything else and to know that satisfaction only comes from Him. He is the God of all grace.
    I look forward to tomorrow’s instalment! Thank you


  2. Today’s tidbit for me was a reminder to be kind to others. Rudeness is never acceptable. Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4


    • Mmm… so true. We’ve been talking about this with our daughter– putting other people before ourselves, learning to bless, not try to control what others are doing.

      Love that verse!


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