Lost Sheep

In the craziness of moving, I keep noticing missing things. I pray each lost item is in the next box I unpack, the next bag I open up.

It feels like the list of lost items keeps growing faster than those that are found. I pray there is a magical box somewhere with all the lost things piled right up inside.

And those few things that I really need? Every minute, every second, my eyes are searching for them. Of course the zip file is not in the silverware drawer– but I still look for it!

This morning I was reading in Luke 15, feeling very much like the woman with the lost coin– I’ve been cleaning and searching every nook and cranny. Praying fervently. Please, Lord. Please, please, let these things be found. 

Yet, I can’t help but think of Jonah and how God took the time to explain to him the deep concern He has for the lost. And I know that despite my high levels of stress over these temporary items, there are eternal things hanging in the balance.

I can’t, of course, pretend that I’m not concerned about the little things. I don’t think that is what God was inviting us to do.

So the question is, how do I use the temporary to influence the eternal? 

It’s simple, as His lessons usually are– I need to allow the little concerns to heighten my awareness of the greater things– lost sheep, lost coins, lost sons.

So today I will keep searching, pulling apart the house, digging into boxes, and in my heart I will keep praying, knowing that this deep concern I feel for my things is but the faintest hint of how He feels for His lost children.

Lost Sheep (A WordSnack from Luke 15)


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