Listen and Follow

Yesterday afternoon my husband drove the skidsteer to get a round bale for the cattle. They’re all out to pasture now, but we’re still supplementing their grazing with balage. When he got near the gate, he jumped down and talked to our daughter. “I need you to open and shut the gate for me,” he told her. Step by step, he showed her how to lift the latch, pull it open and then shut it tight.

“But Daddy,” she said, “I’m too scared! What if the cows get me?”

He looked her right in the eye, “If you listen to me and follow my directions exactly, I will always be between you and the cattle. You will never be in danger.”

I was reminded of that story this morning as I read Proverbs 3. Solomon is talking to his son, telling him to listen and follow his directions. Then he gives some of the most important advice any of us will ever receive:

Trust Yahweh with all your heart,
    and do not rely on your own understanding.
 In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths smooth. (5-6)

The word “acknowledge” here is actually the Hebrew word “yada” which means to know and be known by. 

We are called to know and be known by God in everything we do. When we listen and follow (know Him), He will lead and guide us through every step of our journey (where we are known by Him)!

And just as my daughter was perfectly safe when she was following her Daddy’s directions, even though she didn’t fully understand all that was happening around her, so is my heart perfectly safe when I am following my Father’s directions.

Trust Yahweh, the verse says. Trust the One-True-God. Trust Abba-Father. Trust the One who has good in store for me.

Perhaps things will be hard today, the road rough and trials deep, but in the end– He will stand upon the earth and I will see Him; the path smoothed out for all eternity. Praise be to God, the maker of heaven and earth. My God. 

A WordSnack from Proverbs 3


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