Hold Up My Hands

This morning I slept in past my usual Bible Study time. But thankfully, I didn’t miss breakfast and during breakfast we always read Scripture together as a family.

We’re in Exodus right now, working our way slowly through the story of Moses and the Israelites being miraculously delivered from Egypt. And today? We read about the Amaleks. Remember them? They were a nation that attacked the weakest of the Israelites as they were fleeing Egypt. At a certain point, once the people were somewhat settled into their nomad-ish new life, Moses told Joshua to take an army and meet the Amaleks in battle.

Moses, Aaron, and Hur stood and watched from a hill overlooking the battle. Whenever Moses raised his hands, with the staff of God in them, the Israelites prevailed. Whenever he lowered them, the Amaleks prevailed.

The solution seemed simple, just have Moses keep his arms up. Except, of course, any of us who have ever had to keep our arms raised for any length of time know that it is harder than it sounds.

So they found a stone for Moses to sit on and Aaron stood on one side of him and Hur stood on the other and they held Moses arms for him.

The battle was won. God’s miraculous provision was again given to His people.

It’s funny, but it makes me think about marriage. Yep, marriage.

My husband and I have often laughed over the way we work through a crisis. I will be worn out and exhausted and exasperated and completely dependent on him to “hold up my hands” and offer the stability and strength I need to win whatever battle I’m facing.

And then a few weeks later the positions will be switched, and I’ll be holding his hands up– being the stabilizing force for him.

Of course, there are days when we’re both worn thin and he’ll need me to hold him up and I’ll think, “I can’t do this! I’m too tired, too weak.” And then God will speak, as He always does, and remind me that it’s not really me to begin with. 

Just like it wasn’t really Moses or Aaron or Hur.

It’s Him.

He is the stabilizing force behind all of His people. The rock we sit on, the mountain we stand on, the power that pours strength into us when we have nothing left in ourselves.

No matter what you’re facing today, know this truth: He is.

He is God enough. He is strength enough. He is life enough. He is truth enough. He is hope enough. And He is the one who will hold you up when everything else is crumbling. 

A WordSnack from Exodus 17


2 thoughts on “Hold Up My Hands

  1. This is my passage for the year. So many of my friends are in the midst of battle and God has instructed me my place is as a prayer warrior up on the mountain not down in the battle. I find it hard as I can see the enemy coming and I can see the weariness of my friends, but I also know that it is God, not I, who is going to win the battle. So intercessor and encourager I shall be until He tells me to do differently.


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