Pain Redeemed


There are hundreds of ways that pain can rip through our lives.

How are we to face it? How do we keep from crumbling under the weight?


I wrote a book.

Not because I’m the world’s best writer but because I feel that God has given me a message.

It wasn’t a message I particularly wanted. I mean, who wants to know pain intimately enough to write a book about it? But I do and He said, write, so I wrote. It’s a story, really. My story, intertwined with those whose lives have intersected mine. A story about pain. And miracles.

Are you struggling through heart-shattering pain? Perhaps this book was written just for you. It’s my soul laid bare. Tread softly. And come taste the miracle with me.

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Are you wondering where He is?

Come taste the miracle of Pain Redeemed.


Though I have not faced the pain of infertility, Natasha’s eloquent voice echoes my own heart’s journey, and reminds and clarifies all God has been trying to teach me.Trina Holden

I found encouragement for the journey in this book so full of “wisdom pearls” and hard-won courage. I found new strength and I am grateful for a Pain Redeemed. -Loretta

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