“Pain Redeemed is a grievously beautiful call of hope.” -Jessiqua

Jessiqua, from Jessiqua Writes Blog, describes Pain Redeemed as “…a ravished soul laid bare, and true redemption made known.” Click here to read her full review.

“[Natasha] puts her finger on the crux of the matter—not the infertility, not the form of the pain, but overcoming the pain by bringing glory to Him through it all.” -Gretchen

Gretchen, from, says, “She shares very personal stories of her relationship with her Redeemer, in a way that makes you ache for more of Him.” Click here to read her full review. 

“I love a woman who can be raw and honest and is not afraid to get messy with her faith.” -Heather

Heather, from TeamAiden, (where she blogs about raising a child with developmental disabilities) says, “[Metzler] draws a unique picture of finding victory in the midst of feeling pain.” Click here to read her full review. 

“This book isn’t about what we would think of as ‘happy endings’, but about redemption in the journey, in the here and now. Not just in the ‘some day’.” -Katie

Katie, from NotUnredeemed, writes, ” If you hurt, or if someone close to you hurts, read this book.” Click here to read her full review. 

“[Pain Redeemed] reminds me that whether it’s the pain of infertility, the loss of a child, the wounding of a marriage — or the lack of marriage — we have far more that unites us than divides.” -Elisabeth

Elisabeth, blog writer and Boundless Webzine contributor, says, “For all those who are in pain (are there any who are not?), I’d highly recommend Natasha’s book. Because yes, pain can be, and is redeemed.” Click here to read her post. 

“This book written by my dear friend and sister in infertility, Natasha Metzler, is the book that I WISH had existed four years ago when we were in the depths of feeling lost and a drift from God, not knowing what His plan was for our lives.” -Jessica

Jessica, from Life in the White House, says, “I have not been touched or felt as strongly about any book as much as I do about this one, in a very long time.” Click here to read her full review. 

“Her words breathed hope into my heart and I was strengthened in my ability to look at trials from God’s vantage point.” -Trina

Trina, from and author of Real {fast} Food, says, “the understanding and renewed belief that God is even now redeeming your pain will add sparkle to even the darkest days.” Click here to read her full review. 

“If you’re hurting in any way or have found yourself suffering from depression this book is a must read.  It will encourage the depths of your heart in ways you can’t imagine!” -Angela

Angela, contributing writer at The Better Mom, says, “I found it hard to stop reading…” Click here to read the full review.


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